SEO, and why it’s important.

Search Engine Optimization is a fancy term for a simple idea. Div Creative focuses on SEO, and the reason is simple. Unless potential clients/customers know your website’s address already, 95% of users will find your site via Google, Bing, Yelp, or social media sites like Facebook and Google+. That makes making your site as accessible as possible to those sites and managing your social media presence incredibly important!   At Div Creative, we’ve been managing the SEO of sites for years. We have a couple of key things that we focus on, and a website package with us will contain all of the following:

  1. A solid website framework, to make the underlying tech of your website as visible as possible to the robots at Google and Bing.
  2. Quality content, updated as much as possible. One of the best ways to boost your search ranking is to have a constant stream of well-written and relevant content flowing through your website at least weekly.
  3. A watchful eye on social media! A piece that many businesses forget is to check on their pages on sites like Facebook and Yelp. A single negative review left alone can do a huge amount of damage to your online reputation! Keeping an eye on your social media presence can be a huge boost, especially for review-based businesses like restaurants and plumbers.

Div Creative specializes in managing all of these, and we’d love to take the stress of making a good impression on the internet off your back!