We’re finally live!

I figured I’d take some time to introduce us. We’re Div Creative, a subsidiary of Tiger Sheep LLC. Tiger Sheep is an all-around media company, dabbling in mobile game, graphic design, print, web, and business training. Tiger Sheep’s main product is a complex business training site, live at BusinessOneTraining.com. We’ve cornered the market of training videos for the SAP Business One software suite, and that product has been massively successful.


Through creating Business One Training, our designers and techs have amassed a pretty large skill set in the web design game, and we’ve founded Div Creative to pass that expertise on to you. We want to make powerful, attractive webpages, and make them for less than our competitors! Specifically, we want to focus on businesses who have yet to migrate to the online sphere. Still advertising in the yellow pages? It’s time to upgrade! Having an online presence in this day and age is incredibly important, and Div Creative wants to help you to finally make the jump. When hired, we provide optional training and hosting, and will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy with your web purchase.


Contact us today and get a personalized quote! We’re based in Portland, Oregon and love working with small local businesses.