Yellow Pages vs a Quality Local Website

Year after year, the amount of people using the yellow pages falls, and local searching rises. The statistics tell the truth about the changing landscape of finding local businesses, as a recent survey shows:


On the yellow pages:


  • 7.69% use the yellow pages regularly (and this is largely the 55+ community)
  • 23.08% use it once a month
  • 15.38% use it once a year
  • 53.85% never use it
  • 7.14% of users use the yellow pages when looking for local services and businesses

On web searching:


  • 92.86% use when looking for local services and businesses
  • 100% use everyday


The disparity between the two advances every year, and especially among young people internet searching is the go-to source for local information!

Source: google-vs-yellow-pages