Pinterest for Business

Individual businesses benefit from different social media networks in different ways. For example, Twitter might not be as effective for a retail company as Pinterest would be, or vice-versa. It’s important to know your audience, and know where their eyes are when thinking about your online presence. When you’re trying to figure out which network is best for your business, it’s useful to know about the benefits that each network can have for you. Though Pinterest gained popularity about three years ago, many people still don’t understand the uses and benefits of it, especially when it comes to using Pinterest for business.



  Pinterest is an image-based network that has been growing rapidly. Those who used Pinterest in its early days in 2010 would remember that the network was by invitation only, meaning an existing Pinterest user had to extend an invitation to another person before that person could set up an account. With the growth Pinterest has seen, it is now open to anybody and everybody, businesses included, and has become a very effective social media marketing tool.


Pinterest is modeled to resemble an online bulletin board. Users search through “pins” and pin the ones they like to their boards. A “pin” is an image of something the user likes that, when clicked on, will take the user back to the website that the image was uploaded from. You can find all sorts of things on Pinterest. Clothing and styles are a majority of Pinterest but there are also food and recipes, wedding ideas, crafts, and do-it-yourself projects.


So your question might be, how could this benefit my business? Well, let’s use the example of a catering company. The Div Creative team makes the caterer’s web site, gets some pictures of food from events, uploads them to Pinterest, and then links them back to the business’s site. Once those images get circulated around Pinterest, there is a much higher possibility of driving traffic to the catering website than there was before, and therefore a higher chance of gaining new customers.


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  Businesses such as this catering company can have their audience get a much better picture of what they can offer by showing them through images.   When using Pinterest for branding as a business, it’s important to remember that your audience cares about the visuals, meaning that any pictures you put onto Pinterest need to look good and be able to grab people’s attention. In an image-based network, that is what’s going to get noticed first and foremost.   If you’re not sure if your business would benefit from Pinterest, ask us! We would love to help you and your business decide which social media networks are absolutely essential and which are not.


In my curiosity, I wanted to see how some businesses from right here in Beaverton were utilizing social media. I just typed in “Beaverton, OR” in the search bar, and up came images from Beaverton real estate companies, wedding dress shops, hotels, and even some local restaurants. All of which were popularly re-pinned from Pinterest users.   That could be YOUR business!   Contact us, and let us help you get your business on the map in the online world.   Here is an example board from our new client, Lagana Catering LLC. All images are from weddings catered by Chef Nicole Lagana.