What Can We do for You?

Here’s the question on everyone’s mind:  How is a nice looking website or a social media account or two going to better my business or non-profit organization? Well, here is your answer.


It will get prospective customer’s eyes on YOUR business! The internet is where people go to find a product or service, and if you can’t be found on the internet, what’s the point of the website you have? It is not doing you any good.


We want to give you not only a website that can be found, but one worth finding! We specialize in search engine optimization strategies that can bring your business or organization’s page up first on Google.  A person wouldn’t necessarily have to type in your business’s name , for example, “Southeast Grocery”, they could simply type in something like “Beaverton Grocery Stores” and there is the link to the fabulous Southeast Grocery website first on the list! That’s how SEO works, and that’s what we want to give you. Exposure to your website.


When the prospective customer or client does find you in a search, we want to make sure they like what they see.  We want your website to look modern and professional, filled with useful content that tells the audience everything they would want to know about your business or organization. Content is a main driver behind SEO, and something that needs to be constantly updated and added. What you currently have on you website isn’t doing you any good if it hasn’t been updated for three years, or even three months for that matter.


Here at Div Creative, we know that this can be a lot of work. It takes time, patience, and commitment to make your web presence worthwhile, which is why many local businesses and non-profit organizations have a hard time keeping up with it. So here’s a new question to ask yourself: If there is a Beaverton local and affordable option to help us out with this, why shouldn’t we take it?


We accept new clients all the time, so go ahead and give us a call! We have affordable prices for businesses, and even more affordable prices for non-profit organizations, and we want to work with you!