How Can a Bad Website be bad for your Business?

Some small business owners have a tough time understanding the importance of a good website. A main reason could be because so many small businesses have had all their customers for many years, and those customers tell their friends and so on.  However, when customers take to the internet to show their friends your business, or those friends look up your company to see if you provide the service or product they need, they get their first impression of your business and base an opinion solely from what they see on your website.  Knowing this, are you content with the way your website looks right now?


Here at Div Creative, we like to think of a good website as a “hygiene factor” of a good business. Think of your store or office where customers come in. If it’s a mess, you should clean it up!  The same goes for your website. It  is 2013, and people use the internet for just about everything. As a business owner, you should take pride in what your website looks like,  just like you would take pride in your business’s space.


This is a good idea to do regardless of whether or not you’re looking for an increase in customer flow. The internet is just going to continue to be used more everyday, it’s not going anywhere. So for starters, this may be the best way to keep up with the times as we continue in the direction we’re headed.