The Magic and Misuse of #Hashtags



When Twitter first became popular, users were hashtagging like crazy, and maybe then we used it for its true purpose. Eventually it became more of a trend than a useful functionality of the network. People were (and still are) putting a hashtag symbol in front of every word in their 140 characters or less post, or just putting full sentences into one word behind a hashtag. Many don’t understand the meaning behind what they’re doing, though when misusing the feature in this way, there really is no meaning.


Using a hashtag symbol on Twitter is actually a very handy marketing tool (when used correctly). When a user “hashtags” a word, for example #DivCreative, that word or phrase becomes a link that when clicked on will connect you with other posts that include that topic. It revolutionized social networking.


So, what’s the point of hashtagging random phrases? Nothing, really. But what’s the point of hashtagging your company’s name or something related to your company or business? It connects you to everyone else talking about that topic. Now, Facebook has also (hesitantly) adopted the hashtag function, allowing essentially the same method of connection. Even so, using hashtags on Facebook needs to be a careful process. When using hashtags carelessly on Facebook, it comes off in a sort of “follow the leader” fashion that isn’t very admirable.


Part of what we do at Div Creative is focus on details like this when working with your business. Keep in mind, when choosing your web design and presence options, details like this are essential. Having a website and a Facebook/Twitter page are only as good as the content you put on it.