Is your Site Mobile-Friendly?

phone useAccording to a recent study, nearly half of adult Americans are smartphone users. Having a smartphone is among the best tools consumers use for finding products or services. Because of this, having a mobile-friendly website is absolutely essential for businesses.


Think of yourself as a consumer for a moment. Do you have a smartphone? Do you use it to find services or products? What’s important to you when choosing between the different businesses that come up in your search? Let’s say you’re searching for a hair salon in Beaverton. You look at two separate businesses that come up in the search. One of them features a mobile site, which is the same as their website, but shrunken down to fit on a small phone screen making it hard to read the words and navigate through the site–not to mention it requires a Flash player that you need to update (a.k.a not mobile-friendly). ┬áThe next site has all the page links accessible with photos and easy to find contact information that you don’t need to squint to see. Which business are you already more attracted to? Probably the one that is easier for you to use.


Consumers on the go are looking for something that is easy to find. Make sure to keep in mind what your mobile site looks like when developing your web design. Don’t drive customers away with something that can be easily fixed.