The Fad That’s Here to Stay

Beaverton is made up of small businesses all over the city. There are many that are using the internet to their advantage and seeing the benefits from it, and many that see it as unnecessary. Here’s some news for those business owners: Internet marketing is no fad. It’s reality. It’s what you must be doing to keep up with your competition and your customers. The internet is here to stay, so why not take advantage of it?


“This Internet thing isn’t a fad, nor is social media. In fact, social is becoming more about how you share information, how customers engage with you, and how prospects find you.”

–Gini Dietrich, Social Media Today


There are many ways you as a business owner can utilize a web presence while keeping your business right here in Beaverton, if that’s what you wish. Yelp is a great tool for that. It allows consumers to search for businesses in their area, has reviews, and you or others can post photos of your business.   If you have a Yelp account for a business, it’s important to have a website linked to it as well. When consumers go on Yelp and like what they see there, chances are they will then further investigate by going to the business’s website. This is just one example of how to utilize your online presence. Increasing your social media presence is always great, but having a nice looking and functional website is definitely a place to start.