Get Social Savvy

Many of today’s small business owners come from a generation where the internet and social media were not a necessity to stay afloat, and many still don’t understand why it not only helps, but is essential to a business’s marketing strategies. While it is one thing to help small business owners understand the importance behind this, it is a whole other thing to actually begin to know how to use it correctly and efficiently.


Within this past week, I’ve talked to two separate business owners in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area about their web presence for their businesses.  Both seemed to understand the importance of having a presence on the internet. However, one of them put all of that importance into a good website while the other would rather have just had a Facebook page and called it good.


There are a few things wrong with both of these ideas. As I’ve mentioned before (and will again), your web presence is a hygiene factor for your business. What looks good to prospective clients or customers is a nice looking, cleaned up, and updated website. If this website doesn’t connect you somehow to the rest of the world (aka social media) it’s an old model.


Next reason. You want your site to show up on Google. You want someone to be able to type in “Beaverton Web Design” (for example) and have your company’s site  pop up on the first page.  Having a Facebook and Twitter (and Linkedin and Pinterest, and so on) is a tremendous help in that aspect.

(Read this article by Jeff Bullas for more info on this topic.)


Now that we’ve established the importance of social media in addition to an awesome website, it’s time to find out just how social savvy you are. Take a look at this infographic from Top Dog Social Media and add up your scores.

social savvy