Anti-Social Media?

Social media was created to connect people to each other, hence the “social” part of the term. So why are so many business accounts being anti-social?


Many think that it is enough to frequently update their Facebook or Twitter, but unless you are engaging with your audience, you are only getting half the benefits you could be getting from social media.


Join a conversation! That is what Twitter is for. Industry professionals from all over the world can find each other on Twitter and share their knowledge and experiences with one another. It’s a great way to advance your personal industry knowledge and to stay updated with what’s going on in your industry.


Facebook is a great way to connect to your audience. Get your page fans involved in your posts by asking them to answer a question or to post pictures of their experience at your business.


Don’t be anti-social on social media! Use it to your advantage in every way you can, and connect with as many people as you can!