Tips to get the Most out of your E-Commerce Site this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year! Businesses are scrambling with new marketing ideas, discounts, and promotions for the holiday shoppers; MANY of which do their holiday shopping online. Even if your business is a small, local business, why not make it easier for your customers to get their needs filled both in store and online? Set yourself up for success this holiday season with these tips.online_christmas_shopping


1. Plan Ahead!
The most important part of utilizing your e-commerce selling during the holidays is to plan, plan, plan! Let your customers know what sales you will be having throughout the season. Will your business be holding online only sales during Black Friday? What will the sale prices look like? When is the best time to disclose this information to your customers? These are all things to keep in mind and share with your customers as the holidays approach and throughout the season.

2. Give Your E-commerce a Makeover
Great, so you have your online sales planned out, now it’s time to make your e-commerce site customer-friendly and ready for all the traffic it will be getting! ¬†Your e-commerce function needs to be as easy to use as possible. Your customers are in a hurry, especially this time of year. Don’t wait to realize how important customer service is on your website until you’re getting complaints about it not being as good as it could be. Here are some site makeover points to keep in mind:

  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Does it look good from a consumer’s perspective?
  • Is your e-commerce feature easily accessible?
  • Are you advertising your holiday sales on the home page?
  • Can customers buy your products from their mobile device?
  • Is the checkout as safe as possible?

3. Promote
Okay so you’ve planned out your sales and strategies, re-vamped your site and e-commerce, and you’re ready to be selling. All that’s left to do is let people know about your sales. Use your social media accounts to get the word out. A great way to gain customer loyalty is to offer special promotions for Facebook fans or Twitter followers. If your business uses e-mail subscriptions, send out special offers that way as well. It is very simple to give out a code through e-mail or on Facebook that customers can enter in at the checkout to get a discount, and they’ll love you for it! They feel special, you gain customers and customer loyalty, it’s a win win.


Get the word out as much as you can. Everyone is looking for deals during the holidays because they know they are out there. It’s your job to let them know where to find them.