3 Ways to Use Your Smartphone for Business

Everyone nowadays has a smartphone it seems. It is no longer the norm to have a phone that flips and cannot give you access to the internet. So how are business leaders or small business owners using their phones to their advantage? It is extremely convenient to be able to access your e-mail through your phone wherever you are, and that is probably the biggest business use your phone is getting.



Here are three more ways to take advantage of the resources you have available at your fingertips.


1. Use your apps

The common saying, “there’s an app for that” became a common saying because of the truth it holds. There is an app for just about everything: banking, video chat (aka Skype or Facetime), any and all social media networks, the list goes on and on. These are a great way to be organized and efficient, so make sure you take time to look through what you have and what could be beneficial for you in the app store.


2. Find new mobile social media networks

There are the common networks, Facebook and Twitter, that you’re probably already a part of (if not, you should be), and then there’s the common phone networks that could gain you a whole new audience. These networks such as Instagram and Vine can be accessed on the computer but are almost exclusively used through mobile devices, and they are increasing in popularity everyday. Both of these are very visual, and similar to Twitter, connect people through hashtags. It is always a good idea to be somewhat knowledgeable about new technologies so you can be sure to be on top of them if they become the next Facebook.


3.  Understand the local search apps and functionality

Your customers are using local searches to find products and services like yours, be familiar with it! The best way to understand your customers is to put yourself in their shoes. Apps like Google Maps and Yelp are what they are using to find what they need. If you aren’t familiar with these, chances are you are missing out on all the potential business you can get from them. Make a Yelp profile, and make it look good. Have pictures and information for your audience. Try doing a search for something you’d be interested in finding locally, like a good Thai restaurant, for example. Are you more likely to choose the one down the street with no pictures, no menu information, and no reviews, or would you rather choose the one with location photos, food photos, a full menu and customer feedback? This is how your customers are using their mobile devices, try doing it too.