Keep Etiquette in Social Media

Today I stumbled across B2C’s article entitled “Would Ralph Waldo Emerson Cringe At Your Twitter Feed? A 3 Step Guide to Twitter Etiquette”.  The title is what caught my attention and as I continued to read I thought more and more about the importance of etiquette on not only Twitter but social media accounts in general.


Many people discuss what you should and shouldn’t do on social media. Within these discussions, it seems that good etiquette is implied, but I think it should be something we put more focus on.


As business marketers, we strive to be professional. Quality etiquette is a big part of professionalism. It is important to remember this when posting on Facebook and Twitter. Just because this isn’t a form of face-to-face communication doesn’t mean we should throw courtesy out the window.


One of the biggest flaws in etiquette I’ve seen on social media networks is the lack of response to comments. It’s been said before, and I’ll say it again. Be SOCIAL on social media. It is a place for people to connect. When someone comments on your business page and you don’t respond or acknowledge it in some way, that doesn’t leave them with a good impression.


It is also important to practice good etiquette to your fellow industry professionals. Social media is a great way for people within a common field of work to share knowledge and ideas.  One way to be courteous to other professionals is to send a thank you message for following your brand on Twitter. It’s just another form of acknowledgement that is appreciated among social media users.


Take time to think about what you’re posting, and how you’re engaging with your audience. It is a very important part of having a good web presence.