A Change in Marketing

Over the years, we’ve seen many marketing trends that have come and gone, and some that are tried and true. What’s interesting is how these tried and true methods overlap with the current marketing methods that most businesses are using, or should be using.



Word of mouth and grassroots marketing are great examples of these tried and true methods. These were popular before internet marketing become not only widely used but proven effective. Now we see those methods being integrated into internet marketing.


Word of mouth marketing can be seen on networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is common for promoters to use social media networks by promoting their brand using their personal accounts in an effort to have their peers hear about what their brand has to offer.


When businesses have Facebook pages, it makes it easy for their customers to share their experiences with their peers when they can post a status and tag the company page or share the page on their wall.


These could also be examples of grassroots marketing. Grassroots marketing is defined by startupnation.com as “taking an unconventional approach to getting people interested in what you offer.” However, internet marketing is no longer unconventional. Using internet resources such as social media networks, Yelp searches, and more have become the norm and generally what businesses should be doing to get noticed, though there are ways of making your internet marketing unconventional.


Businesses owners who prefer traditional ways of marketing can learn how to use those methods while connecting with prospective customers on the internet. That is where the audience is, that is where businesses need to be.