5 Tips for Using Social Media for your Business

We know that running a business takes a lot of time. As a business owner, you have every aspect of your company to worry about, marketing being a big part of that. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that the majority of the world is using social media for marketing. Knowing this is one thing, but actually being able to execute this is another thing entirely. Here is a list of five things to help you out as you get started.



1. Be a Person, Not a Computer

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important things to keep in mind, especially as a small business. Yes, you are using technology to branch out your brand and get more eyes on your product/service, but your audience likes to know there is a person behind that technology connecting with them. People like to work with another person, not a computer.


2. Engage

One way to accomplish showing your audience that you’re a person is to engage with your followers! Ask them questions, answer their questions, like their comments, and so on. It’s called “social media” for this reason. So be social! Enjoy talking and engaging with the people who are interested in your brand.


3. Pictures & Links

People are drawn to images more so than text. How do you think Instagram blew up so fast? Videos and pictures are interesting and they will capture the attention of your audience. When posting links, most will have a photo alongside the title. If it doesn’t, put one there! Links are great attention-getters. An interesting picture and title will be the first step to getting your audience to see the information you want them to see.


4. Be Consistent

Managing your social media accounts does take a good chunk of time because of the fact that it needs to be constantly updated. Be consistent with your postings. Don’t lose your audience’s interest by only posting every few months, or every few weeks for that matter. Two to three postings per week is the sweet spot. If possible, hire an agency for help if you aren’t able to take this much time for your social media.


5.  Professional but Personal

Of course when marketing your business on social media, you are going to want to keep it professional, but don’t forget to add some personal aspects to it as well. Pictures of your facility, your staff, customers, etc. Show your followers that you and your staff have fun at work, and your customers have fun there as well. Every now and then, a “Happy Friday” post or Wednesday “Hump Day” post (maybe including a meme with the infamous camel) is always a nice way to show your audience you’re not all work and no play.