Inbound Marketing in Beaverton and Hillsboro

How many of you Beaverton and Hillsboro businesses use cold calling as a form of sales and marketing? How successful has it been? My guess is probably not the most successful, not to mention the tedious process of it all. Well, consider your cold calling days over. The new and improved method is called inbound marketing.



Inbound marketing has become very popular due to the success of internet sales. It gives the consumer the opportunity to find information themselves, based on location and interest. Inbound marketing allows us to target an audience who has already shown interest in a certain industry or product based on their previous searches, likes, and more. Social media, blogs, and search engine optimization are very efficient ways to get your audience’s eyes on your business.


Inbound marketing makes it easy for people in Beaverton and Hillsboro to find your business. It is also more cost efficient than outbound marketing. By using the inbound method, you avoid costly printed ads, TV ads, flyers, etc. It makes much more sense to spend your money where you know consumers are looking, on the internet.