How to Spruce up a Basic Website

Hey, Beaverton and Hillsboro business owners! Yeah, you! Not sure what to ask from us beyond a basic site that perfectly displays your information? We’ve got a few suggestions that you can discuss if you’re concerned about standing out a bit from the crowd.



Some of the features that many modern websites contain are beautifully simplistic and, most importantly, effective. There is no reason to have a complicated design that you don’t need when a few changes can do the trick. More complicated designs are extremely useful for certain companies and individuals, but we will focus on that in a future blog. For now, here is an overview of some basic design elements that can spruce up your website.


Recently, parallax has become an eye-catching way to change the look of your site. Parallax is an interesting effect where the background of a site moves at a different speed than the elements on top when scrolling. This can be used to great effect, usually with picture-heavy sites. This design is great if your information calls for a longer page. The interesting interaction may keep a visitor there longer than if no parallax effect is used. Even if you do not want a single long page using parallax, we can also integrate it into page transitions. You can see this in action by clicking the links on one of our example sites. A smooth parallax effect happens when changing to another section of the website.


Relevant photos and other media can also be important to include. Although this may seem like an obvious suggestion, you’d be surprised how many websites either do not use photos at all, or don’t use them to full effect. Placing photos in key areas of your site draws a reader’s attention and keeps them there, simply because photos are easier to look at than words. If the nature of your business or personal website does not necessarily call for photos, an interesting overall visual design might be right for you instead, and that is what we are here for.


Finally, visual simplicity is important. Thankfully, the days are long gone when flashing icons, scrolling marquee text, falling glitter, clip art, and other gimmicky design elements were commonplace. Instead of overwhelming a page visitor with too much visual stimulation, you must draw their eye to what’s most important. This calls for a bold, yet simplistic (but not necessarily minimalistic, unless that’s what works for you) design. Too much clutter can turn a visitor away. We want to promote your brand in a way that brings viewers back again and again—and makes them stick around.