Branding–more than just a large company’s concern

Most small businesses do not have dedicated marketing teams that create a brand. Instead, brand development might be outsourced to a marketing firm or glossed over in favor of other aspects of the business, when in fact it should be a huge focus.


A brand is the face of your company. It encompasses not only the business’s name and logo, but is also how your business is presented modern_communication_technology_flat_illustration_by_cursorch-d72tm9fand implemented to the outside world. Think of the ubiquitous example of McDonalds, for instance. Can you sing their jingle in your mind? Can you envision their color scheme? Their brand is strong, and is what has carried them through years and years of business. Of course, you don’t have to be a multi-billion dollar company to implement a strong brand, and we’re going to give you some basic tips to get you started.


Let’s skip over the part where you come up with your logo and name. Let’s assume they’re solid, professional, and representative of your company. So how do you continue to implement your brand from here? The number one answer is consistency, consistency, consistency. Make sure that everything that goes out to the public, or that is even passed around internally, is consistent with your brand. This may mean having a central team or individual whose duty it is to essentially do quality check. You do not want new material going out with an incorrect or old logo, or with a tagline font that looks nothing like the font you generally use. The more consistent your brand is, the more it will stick in your customer’s minds.


Your brand should have a voice and tone that carries through all aspects of your company. For example, a brewery might have a different tone than a vineyard because they wish to attract different types of clientele. If you deviate too much from this intended voice, you may miss your mark. This voice should carry through any advertisements, documents, and professional communication you have.


We can help effectively represent your brand through your website. Making sure the color scheme, font choices, general style and design, and other elements are what you want, is extremely important to us. A website is often the very first exposure customers have to a business, and your priority should be to make sure your brand reflects your company’s values and goals throughout the website. A well-organized, well-branded, consistent website can work wonders and introduce new customers.


Finally, we just want to say that it’s fine to change your brand over time as needed, as your company changes. If your brand has no flexibility, it can be difficult to evolve with the times. A fantastic example is Coca-Cola. The company’s main values have remained consistent through an entire century of existence, but their branding has fluctuated to mirror the fluctuating world. Of course, most businesses aren’t Coca-Cola, but this concept can be done on a small level as well. Your local bakery may have ingenious branding that you haven’t realized keeps you going there on Saturday mornings for the last ten years. Or the carpet cleaner down the street upholds a strong company presence that your mind turns to the next time you spill red wine everywhere. Never underestimate the importance of a brand.