What can Kickstarter do for Your Business?

kickstartertsIn 2012, our Beaverton parent company ran and successfully completed a Kickstarter project to fund the creation of a video game. This allowed us to embark on a project for the people who helped fund us, and we found the whole process to be an interesting learning experience.


Kickstarter is mostly used to get businesses off the ground by funding a project. It’s not always used for already-established companies, but if done right, an existing company can run a legitimate and useful Kickstarter campaign.


Kickstarter is not meant to be for “fund my life” projects. For example, launching a campaign to pay for your office rent for six months is not a worthy use of your backer’s money, and is against Kickstarter’s policies. A campaign should result in a finished project, however long that takes, that you can then give to those who have backed you.


A fantastic way to use Kickstarter is for promotion. By creating a project and getting it funded, you are exposing your business to all of the people who funded you, many of whom will spread the word about other aspects of your business. These extend to not only local potential customers, but national and possibly even global customers depending on the nature of your business. A successful Kickstarter is a great talking point and shows how eager people are to purchase whatever you have to offer—so much so, that they fund you before the product is in their hands!


The most important thing you must keep in mind when launching an appealing project is making sure that the presentation on your Kickstarter page is visually appealing, polished, and explains exactly what you’re going to do with the money. A well-planned presentation makes funders much more likely to back you, and including pictures, diagrams (if needed), and a well-done overview video is well worth your time. All of these elements should be compelling and clear, explicitly promoting the voice of your business. A confusing Kickstarter campaign leads to a dearth of backers and a possible failed project. Doing research on completed projects (whether funded or not) is a great use of your time, as you can see examples of what you should and should not do.


If you decide that running a Kickstarter campaign is the right move for your company, Div Creative can help with promoting the project on your Beaverton or Portland-area business website. Get in contact with us today if you’re curious about your project’s potential.