Posts made in July, 2014

Leave the Yellow Pages Age Behind

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014

Tired of getting several new phone books per year that gradually turn into unwanted doorstops? So are most other people. Year after year, the amount of people using the Yellow Pages falls, and the amount of local web searches rise. The statistics tell the truth about the changing landscape of finding local businesses, as a survey shows.   Stats on the Yellow Pages: 7.69% use the Yellow Pages regularly (and this is largely the 55+ community) 23.08% use it once a month 15.38% use it once a year 53.85% never use it 7.14% of users use the yellow pages when looking for local services and businesses   Stats on web searching: 92.86% use Google when looking for local services and businesses 100% use Google everyday   The disparity between the two advances every year, especially among young people. Internet searches are the way to go when it comes to local information. Of course, you can always use the Yellow Page’s website, but that’s just using a middle man when one simply isn’t necessary anymore.   Listing an ad in the phonebook is an expensive procedure, especially when compared to the value of having a webpage and other, usually free, social media pages. Running a small print ad in a...

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Sneaky Advertising: How to Deal

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014

The big internet news recently is focused on how Facebook was involved in a research study about manipulating people’s emotions in an online setting. This Time article explains it a little more in-depth, but the basic details are these: if you were exposed to more negative posts in your feed, you were likely to post more negative things in return, and the opposite goes for being exposed to positive posts.   There’s been uproar about whether this study was ethical or not, being that the nearly 700,000 people who were involved were included without their knowledge or permission. Apparently, Facebook’s Terms of Service allows these sorts of actions, but the situation does tread questionable moral ground.     Of course, there has always been proof (and general knowledge of) companies changing users’ reactions to something through advertising, but most advertising is usually easy to spot, and therefore much more acceptable. Secretly changing a Facebook user’s feed in order to manipulate their emotions has some frightening implications. By now, we have to assume that we’ve been manipulated to some point just by using Facebook. Facebook can do it, and it follows that they do.   So what now?   I’m not advocating dumping your Facebook account. But knowing a little of...

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Thanks for Joining Us!

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Beaverton Community Business Expo this Saturday! We had such a fun time, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Both the Farmers Market and the Expo were bustling with happiness and activity, and almost all of the businesses had something to give away in a contest or raffle. If you missed it this year, don’t worry, keep an eye out for next year!   Here are some photos of our booth:   Related posts: The Beaverton Community Business Expo, A Radio Interview with our Founder, 2014 Governor’s Marketplace Conference...

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Div Dives into the Web #2

Posted by on Jul 18, 2014

As web developers, we spend a lot of time online, and wanted to share some of the neat things we find each week. Enjoy! We LOVE open source, well, everything. OSCON is a convention celebrating open source everything that is happening in Portland, Oregon from July 20th-24th.   A list of ways to track internet trends. This should be useful to everyone, no matter what industry you’re in.   A really fantastic learning tool, presented in slideshow form, that gives startups a place to, um, start, with marketing.   Tired of paying for expensive stock images or sifting through Creative Commons photos? Yay Images lets you stream photos online for a starting fee of $10 a month. Such an interesting concept!   Those of us who aren’t the designer type sometimes need a little help with color matching. Here are some basic and easy-to-remember hints.   Other Div Dives: #4, #3, #1...

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Meet Div Creative at the Beaverton Community Business Expo!

Posted by on Jul 15, 2014

Div Creative is going to be at the Beaverton Infiniti Beaverton Community Expo during the Beaverton Farmer’s Market on Saturday, July 19th. We will have a booth set up, manned by our friendly employees. The booth is on the end of an isle next to the fountain and the market, and we’ll be representing our parent company, Tiger Sheep, as well. Come talk to us and learn about how we can improve your business!   The Community Expo is put on by the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Bob Lanphere’s Beaverton Infiniti. Not only will attendees get to learn more about Div, but they can connect with other local businesses, strengthening our community and local economy.   The Farmer’s Market runs from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and is located in downtown Beaverton, right next to the Public Library and City Park. We’re excited to be representing our business at one of the community’s neatest local events.   Div Creative is a website developer focused on creating beautiful, affordable, and SEO-focused webpages for local businesses. We offer flexible packages that cover anything from a basic website plus hosting, to the management of all your social media.   For more information about the Beaverton Farmer’s Market, check out...

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