Buying Social Media Fans–Ethical or Not?

One of the most controversial things a business can do in order to try and increase its exposure is to purchase social media followers. Sometimes businesses struggle to gain fans on Facebook or Twitter and resort to buying fake profiles at a pretty cheap price, which then increases their “like” or follower count. The idea behind this is that an account with a lot of fans increases its credibility and then attracts real fans, but the means of gaining these followers is pretty unethical.


facebook_likeAlthough it might seem appealing, there are some pretty severe drawbacks to buying followers. The biggest one is the crackdown on spammer accounts. Algorithms, such as Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm and Facebook’s NewsFeed algorithm aim to crack down on spam and filler content and promote genuine engagement with the internet, which means fake profiles that don’t contribute anything other than mere numbers are essentially useless. It’s important to have quality content and real fans who actually engage with the material you post.


There’s also the potential image issue. If your real fans find out you’re trying to work the system, they may react negatively and take their business elsewhere. As most people know, negative reviews and comments spread fast, and your other fans are likely to take notice if a few followers are particularly vocal. Facebook and Twitter are also pretty good about deleting obvious fake profiles, so you may find that your purchased followers have disappeared within a few days.


Please, do not spend your marketing budget on fake profiles! There are so many other ways to build your brand and gain followers naturally. Check out our past blog posts to get some ideas on how to better and more legitimately spread the word about your Portland, Beaverton, or Hillsboro-based company. If you need additional help with your social media content, consider purchasing a package from Div Creative, and we can assist with the burgeoning popularity of your company. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but because of the fairly recent push toward quality content getting the best results, buying fans might be a big step backward.