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Social Media: Opt In or Opt Out?

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014

If you Google my name, many of the results appear because I specifically allowed them to be on the internet—whether it’s an interview or the embarrassing poem I wrote when I was twelve—but some of it is there without my explicit permission or is no longer relevant to my life. Of course, privacy settings on social networks such as Facebook allow some of the things I don’t wish to show up in search results onto Google’s radar, but the fact remains that once something’s on the internet, it’s on the internet for good (with a few exceptions).   This begs the question: how come we can opt in but not opt out? It seems strange to want to take down information in an SEO-focused age, where we often compete to be the front and center of search results, but a businesses’ internet presence often has a different purpose than an individual’s internet presence.   It is often incredibly difficult to get information about a person taken down. For example, there have been many cases of (mostly) women’s personal photos being posted without permission to x-rated sites. This is problematic not only because these photos are on the internet without their consent, but because they are often linked to the...

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The Burgeoning Future of 3D Printing

Posted by on Aug 13, 2014

By now, 3D printing is ubiquitous enough that most people have heard of it. It’s also possible, and not overly cost-prohibitive, to actually own a 3D printer, as many are now below the $1,000 mark. If you, like most people, don’t own one, you can order 3D printed objects through sites like   A lot of universities have one in the engineering department or another related department and will sometimes print things as a demonstration. Check out your local college to see if they have any relevant seminars. For those who live in Portland, PSU has a 3D printing machine in their Electronics Prototyping Lab.  Portland Community College also had a workshop on 3D printing  in spring of 2014, and hopefully will again, so keep an eye out.   What’s so neat about 3D printing is that it’s not limited to just printing plastic objects, however neat and functional these might be. The technology can also be used for printing makeup,  food art, fashion, or even medical use, like synthetic body parts or implants. 3D printing’s possible (and current) medical applications could turn out to be key to future healthcare, and may even extend a person’s life where before it couldn’t be done.   One product that I...

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Div Dives into the Web #3

Posted by on Aug 8, 2014

As web developers, we spend a lot of time online, and wanted to share some of the neat things we find each week. Enjoy!   Happy 20 years, Microsoft! They’ve rebuilt their original website so we can gawk at it. I’d say they’ve come a long way since then.   All of these marketing suggestions can be done in addition to or in conjunction with our services. Kickstart a brainstorming session!   Ever feel overwhelmed? Small tasks like decluttering your computer can go a long way towards decluttering your mind.   You can never really have enough calendar apps, right? Right? Timeful aims to compress all your calendar functions into one free app.   What do you think about these flat web designs? They’re a new-ish trend in web design, and I think these examples look great! Maybe you want a site like this? If so, talk to Div.   Other Div Dives: #4, #2, #1  ...

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Community Spotlight: An Interview with Free Geek

Posted by on Aug 4, 2014

Free Geek is one of Portland’s most successful nonprofits, providing computers and other technology for free or for a low cost to community members. Free Geek is all about learning as well, offering a wide variety of educational classes to everyone, and espousing an open source ideology.   We’ve reached out to Darren Heiber, Director of Public Services at Free Geek, with some important questions.   Q: What is the greatest benefit to the community that you think Free Geek provides? A: Gosh, it’s hard to say the greatest benefit as Free Geek is accomplishing so much for our community. We’re very proud of the fact that individuals and businesses are able to bring almost all of their electronic devices to one place for reuse, and ethical recycling when reuse isn’t an option. By putting our emphasis on reuse, we’re able to make sure we have the lowest environmental impact of any e-waste recyclers while keeping these materials in-use in our local community through our Thrift Store and Hardware Grants.   The Thrift Store offers reasonably-priced computers, related technology, A/V equipment, video game systems, and all sorts of other items that are repurposed. Not only does this reduce the consumer’s impact on the environment, it also reduces the impact...

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