Div Dives into the Web #3

As web developers, we spend a lot of time online, and wanted to share some of the neat things we find each week. Enjoy!


Happy 20 years, Microsoft! They’ve rebuilt their original website so we can gawk at it. I’d say they’ve come a long way since then.


All of these marketing suggestions can be done in addition to or in conjunction with our services. Kickstart a brainstorming session!


Ever feel overwhelmed? Small tasks like decluttering your computer can go a long way towards decluttering your mind.


You can never really have enough calendar apps, right? Right? Timeful aims to compress all your calendar functions into one free app.


What do you think about these flat web designs? They’re a new-ish trend in web design, and I think these examples look great! Maybe you want a site like this? If so, talk to Div.


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