Community Spotlight: Portland Community College

Community Spotlight is an occasional look at some of the fantastic organizations around the beautiful Portland metro area. We are deeply involved in our community and want to put some focus on the special parts of it. This week’s spotlight covers non-credit classes at Portland Community College.


PCC_DivPCC is a fantastic contributor to the education of the people in our community. With campuses in four locations, from Tigard and Hillsboro to east and north Portland, the school provides ease of access to all physical locations. And that’s not even counting the online classes!


Not only does PCC provide degree and transfer opportunities for students, it also offers community education for those who wish to learn a skill but are not enrolled in school. The Fall 2014 classes range from motorcycle maintenance, to creative writing, to web design, and beyond. Most of the courses last only a day or so, but several (particularly the dance classes) might last as long as a full term.


These classes provide an easy way to enrich your life, if you have a little extra cash. Even then, most of the courses are affordable in comparison to similar courses taught by for-profit businesses. If you are above sixty-two years old, you might even be eligible for free or discounted tuition, which is a pretty awesome deal, and a great way to add a spark to your year.


Community colleges have a long history of injecting opportunity and scholarship into the lives of people who live in the area, and PCC is no exception, as the largest and most acclaimed community college in Oregon. If you’re looking for a unique way to start engagement in your community, consider a non-credit class, and let us know how it goes.


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