Using Google Glass for Your Business

If your company has been lucky enough to snag a Google Glass in the early days, you might be wondering: what now? Here are a few ideas to get you started on using the technology to benefit your business.


GoogleGlass_divUse Glass for inventory and stock purposes. This article covers a company who provided Glass to a few of their warehouse employees. The employees used an application to make sure the stock they picked was properly picked and shipped. This sped up efficiency and also decreased their error rate.


Partner with developers who are interested in making applications for your specific business use. If you’re a developer, look here for some pertinent information. If there are people who work for your company doing software development, utilize your resources! Think of something that hasn’t been thought of before and create.


Be constantly aware of your businesses’ online presence. Glass has many of the capabilities of a smartphone, but when you’re on the go, Glass might make the digital side of your business become more in the forefront of your mind. Quickly sharing something on your social media profiles might be to your advantage. You would also be able to pull up relevant information during a conversation without being as distracting as you might be on a smartphone. If you work in sales, this could be very beneficial.


Since Glass is still very new, getting in early on the innovation train could really help your business. Direct your marketing department to come up with useful ideas for promoting yourself or increasing your efficiency. This could put you in a place where you find your business booming with success.


Please remember, Glass is still rare enough that seeing someone wearing it can be startling, so be professional and courteous. If someone is not comfortable with you wearing Glass in their personal space, be considerate of their wishes. Google has an etiquette guide that gives a few tips on how to wear Glass around others in public.