Using Pinterest Can Seriously Boost Your Online Presence

pinterest_divPinterest is an oddity. The image board has blown up in popularity, becoming the number-one location for photos of rustic weddings. But all joking aside, the site has multiple surprising uses for businesses of all kinds, even ones that aren’t traditionally female-centric. Pinterest’s user base is definitely dominated by women, but this is obviously no reason to disregard the website in the slightest, as the user base consists of people of all genders, ages, and interests. The uses for Pinterest are manifold, and something you may have thought of as a waste of time could in fact be a way to change your social media strategy for the better.


Div Creative has a few clients who have noticed a huge portion of their traffic coming from their Pinterest posts. They simply post a link to their blog posts, specials, or other dynamic content, add a relevant and interesting blurb, and watch the clicks come in. It really is that easy, and it’s almost frightening how much more effective a solid Pinterest strategy can be over the use of other social networks.


And when you really get into it and formulate a more specific or technical plan (more than, “post something and wait for clicks”), the results can improve. Keep this infographic handy for some quick tips on how to use Pinterest to your business’s advantage in a more in-depth sense.


Pinterest is now even offering promoted pins, where your business pays a certain amount to essentially get more views. Right now it’s still in the pre-launch phase, but if you’re interested, you can apply to get early access. Of course, this program is being met with some dislike by Pinterest users, but ads are prevalent across most social media, and Pinterest already functions as one big ad anyway.


There are a million great blog posts out there with tips and strategies on how to use Pinterest to its fullest. A simple Google search will lead you to some anecdotes as well as data on the effectiveness of the site. And of course, Pinterest itself gives some great information to businesses.


If you have questions or want to develop a social media strategy with us, whether it’s concerning Pinterest or otherwise, contact us and we’ll talk about it.