Why Business Blogging is Important

Although blogging might sometimes feel like an unnecessary part of your business outreach, it’s in fact one of the best ways to gain visitors—if done correctly.


blogging_divBlogging gives you more opportunities to insert relevant (but not overused!) keywords. This increases search engine results as well as clicks. If a blog is at least moderately well-composed and full of original writing, the careful placement of key marketing terms does not take away from the post’s effectiveness. Search engines punish poor content and reward good content, so don’t think you can get away with a paragraph-long post that’s basically just listing your services. It’s worth the time and money to come up with good stuff.


Unfortunately, Google Authorship, the tedious but beneficial process that used to mean many of your blog posts may show up closer to the top of a web search, is now defunct, after several years of getting most major bloggers on board. Luckily, there are still other ways to get your blog seen in search results that function similarly to Google Authorship. Author Rank, for instance, values content created by verified users, and tends to rank this content higher than non-verified or anonymous users. So getting yourself firmly seen as a legitimate blogger is definitely a plus.


If you do not have the time to blog, blogging services are included under some of the Div Creative website plans. If your business concerns topics that may require industry experience to understand, we will do the research or work with you to develop well-written, layman-friendly blog posts. And besides, the more blog posts you have, the more content you then provide for all your social media, and the more content your fans have to repost, retweet, or comment on.


And the coolest thing about blogging? Those blogs are up there forever (unless you take them down)! The posts aren’t ephemeral and fleeting like most social media content; they can end up generating you hits for years, continually bringing in those sweet, sweet page views. Business blogging isn’t always visibly effective. You may not get many comments on your blog posts, if any at all. But when you look at the SEO reports, you can see the real work the posts are doing, with real results.


Remember, blogging leads to more search results, which leads to more website hits, which ultimately leads to more business for you! Don’t neglect this vital but often-overlooked part of marketing. Blogging can benefit your business no matter the industry, and helps you attract customers who might not have found you otherwise.


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