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What’s in a Name?

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014

Sometimes your business name has a lot of bearing on what your business does. For example, a business called “Joe’s Ice Cream Company” probably sells ice cream. Or maybe the name is more subtle, like “IScream Bowl” (okay, you can probably come up with something better than that). Either way, your business name becomes connected with your reputation very easily, so a careful analysis of what would be best for you now and in the future as your business evolves is important.     But what about us? What on earth does “Div Creative” mean? For those not directly involved in the web industry, it isn’t entirely obvious. “Div” is a type of tag used in HTML, the language used to code websites. The div tag is pretty simple, but incredibly useful. It contains all the content of a web page and is used to divide the content up into sections. It also allows designers to apply a specification to a grouping of elements all at once instead of having to do it individually, which can end up saving a lot of time and making the code cleaner. The tag is essentially the foundation of all web pages, making it pretty dang important.   The “Creative” part of our...

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Community Spotlight: The Blind Cafe

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014

Community Spotlight is an occasional look at some of the fantastic organizations around the beautiful Portland metro area. We are deeply involved in our community and want to put some focus on the special parts of it. This week’s spotlight covers the Portland Blind Café.   The Blind Café is a national event that aims to connect a community with each other. This event does not happen very frequently or in many cities, so it’s pretty special that it’s coming to Portland (Nov. 13-15).   The meal (which is priced on a sliding scale from $55-$195 depending on how much you can afford) takes place entirely in the dark, and is served by a blind waitstaff. The goal is not to simulate blindness, but rather to bring the blind and seeing community together in a comfortable atmosphere, fostering organic conversation and focusing on the sensory experience of eating. The meal itself is vegetarian and can be altered to accommodate dietary restrictions. The organization contributes profits to local Blind organizations and overall is a very positive outreach event for the area is takes place in.   This part might be of interest to business owners: The Blind Café offers corporate events! Companies can do dinner in the dark or team...

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