Your Website’s Interior

What kind of work goes into deciding how to build a website? What type of code to use? What sort of language? The final decision depends upon the customer’s wants and needs, and there are several ways to customize these wants and needs from the ground up.


The three most common methods used to build sites are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. All of these methods are used for publishing web content and they each vary in complexity and purpose. WordPress is generally for simpler sites that have less specific needs, Drupal is for more complicated, fully-customizable sites, and Joomla is a generally flexible platform with a pretty comprehensive user interface. At Div Creative, we tend to prefer WordPress and Drupal the most.


Bridge City Law, one of our beautiful WordPress sites


One misconception about WordPress is that it is only a blog website. While its history may be based in that idea, designing and implementing sites using WordPress can get very technical. The average WordPress user may just download a template and use it without changing it at all, but website design firms start from the ground up, essentially creating specialized sites from scratch.


What is great about WordPress is that business owners who want to be hands-on when it comes to updating their website after we build it for them can do so very easily. Updates and minor tweaks are simple, due to the intuitive user interface. It only requires some mild research to learn about how to navigate your new WordPress-based site. Of course, most clients prefer to leave that up to us, and we are happy to do so. That’s part of what makes our various website packages so flexible.


A website coded with Drupal is generally pricier in the long run, due to the extra time it takes to code. However, WordPress has limits, and there are some things Drupal can do in a more straightforward and specific manner. Drupal is completely customizable, down to the smallest thing, although the average user might have more trouble going in and tweaking things, as the user interface takes more experience to understand and use.


Business One Training, an in-depth Drupal site

Business One Training, an in-depth Drupal site


The advantages of using Drupal can generally be seen when one’s needs are more complicated or detailed. For example, if you need a catalog of online products, WordPress may suffice, but there is a point where using a different coding process is more efficient and practical. Larger projects that need more options are generally the ideal types of sites that should be using Drupal. Our Business One Training site is a great example of a complicated, multi-purpose Drupal site.


For the average small business owner, WordPress-coded sites are ideal. Building a custom theme that is perfect for all of one’s essential needs is perfectly doable. For some examples of sites we have built, check out our example page.


When you communicate with us, we will detail the options we think are best for your needs. Most of our local customers in Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Portland tend to need simpler sites, but we have done everything from basic sites to extremely detailed and personalized projects. Our flexibility allows us to create beautiful results that you and your customers will be satisfied with.


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