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The Ins and Outs of a Portland Food Cart’s Online Presence

Posted by on Feb 13, 2015

Food trucks and carts are a huge part of Portland culture. Many of us grab lunch every day at a cart pod, or snag some poutine at a late-night truck without even considering another option. They’re easy, often fast, and affordable. Another aspect of food carts that we may not consciously think about is their connection to online culture.   Many of the most popular food carts have an online presence, and several do connectivity in a very unique way.   The entire concept of food carts means that the business’s location can shift at any time, and keeping customers updated on the cart’s location is very important. Whether it’s through a Facebook update, a tweet, or a text notification, business could be lost without these tools.   One of the most important things about a food cart website is that they should be mobile-friendly. People on the search for a food cart are usually outside, on their way to lunch, or bar-hopping downtown, and may not have access to a full laptop or desktop at the moment. A non-mobile-friendly site can discourage potential customers if the menu is impossible to see or won’t open, or if the website text doesn’t scale to size.   Interestingly, some food carts...

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The Future of Coding

Posted by on Feb 6, 2015

Last month, President Obama wrote his first line of code at a promotion for Computer Science Education week. This was the first line of code ever written by a US president and it looked like this:   moveForward(100);   Not bad, huh?   In recent years, there has been more of a push for people to learn how to code, particularly young people, but adults are definitely not discouraged from picking it up as a later-in-life career or hobby. Websites such as and Treehouse can ensure that it takes nothing except time and patience to learn a new skill.   For those who prefer to be in a classroom setting, there are a wide variety of options. There is, of course, the more traditional route, getting a four-year degree in computer science, but shorter course lengths are possible, whether through community college community education classes or code boot camps such as Epicodus or Portland Code School.   The future of coding and the tech world lies in the youth, and there are many programs designed to make coding and web design appealing to children and teenagers, particularly to demographics that might be less likely to end up in the field. Google’s Made with Code directs their efforts toward...

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