The Future of Coding

Last month, President Obama wrote his first line of code at a promotion for Computer Science Education week. This was the first line of code ever written by a US president and it looked like this:




Not bad, huh?


div_codingIn recent years, there has been more of a push for people to learn how to code, particularly young people, but adults are definitely not discouraged from picking it up as a later-in-life career or hobby. Websites such as and Treehouse can ensure that it takes nothing except time and patience to learn a new skill.


For those who prefer to be in a classroom setting, there are a wide variety of options. There is, of course, the more traditional route, getting a four-year degree in computer science, but shorter course lengths are possible, whether through community college community education classes or code boot camps such as Epicodus or Portland Code School.


The future of coding and the tech world lies in the youth, and there are many programs designed to make coding and web design appealing to children and teenagers, particularly to demographics that might be less likely to end up in the field. Google’s Made with Code directs their efforts toward girls and young women, offering stories from female mentors who are involved in the tech world, as well as multiple online projects designed to give girls the fundamentals of code. Google even partnered with Shapeways to allow users to create a customized 3D-printed bracelet, after completing a short code-based project, that is.


All of the above-mentioned training programs are also useful for those already working in the field. Since technology changes so fast and frequently, it’s beneficial to stay current. If someone enters the tech field at age 21 and never learns anything new after that, by the time they’re 40, their skills will be outdated and their career may suffer. There are so many helpful tools online and in the community that there is no reason to not maintain a current base of knowledge.


We always encourage people to look into coding if it’s something they think would improve their lives. It’s a useful skill with actual applications and is always needed in the job market. You might even get hired by Div Creative someday!


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