Resources for your Small Oregon Business

smallbizbeavertonThe 52nd National Small Business Week is happening May 4th through May 8th of this year. In honor of this event, we’d like to talk a bit about being a small business and how to make the most of being connected to your community.


Part of being a small business is operating within the community and making connections. This involves participating in seminars, meetings, networking opportunities, and more. This benefits not only you and your company, but your customers, as well as other local businesses you communicate with.


Div Creative is involved in the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce, and each week we attend direct*Connect, a networking and referral program which connects business leaders in the community together, to share information and improve each other’s business relations. This is one possibility for businesses to get involved, but I’ll list a few more ways below to improve your business directly or indirectly, particularly if your business is located in the Beaverton/Hillsboro/Portland area.


SBA (The United States Small Business Administration) is the largest small business-oriented organization. has a very comprehensive page about SBA-related events and programs that apply to the local area. This page provides information on everything from getting a grant to getting assistance for minority or underserved populations who run businesses. The opportunities in here are very important and not to be missed. also has other helpful information such as:

Business Oregon is Oregon’s economic development agency. They work to create jobs and achieve an economic balance when it comes to Oregon’s businesses. The site has many valuable resources both for those trying to start an Oregon business and those who are already running one. One notable section of the website is the entrepreneur resources page.


Portland Community College also has options for those wishing to learn about starting a business or bettering their current business through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). You do not have to be a student to use these services, they are purely benefit for the community! SBDC offers options such as business advising, launching and growing your business services, and quick workshops that will help you improve your business in specific areas.


Div Creative has a lot of personal experience connecting with Beaverton’s Chamber of Commerce, as mentioned above, and we highly recommend exploring their site and getting locally involved.


As always, keep an ear to the ground for other events and seminars that are happening. It’s worth it to keep a calendar of events you hear of, and then to decide which seminars or presentations you can attend, or to have a coworker or employee to attend. Although these events often occur during regular work hours, it can be worth it to take some time and gain knowledge, connections, and more.