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The Varied World of SEO Marketing

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015

SEO can be a convoluted thing, and it takes more than just trial and error to create a successful SEO campaign. In this blog, we’re going to talk about a few of the good (and bad) types of SEO campaigns, so if you’re a local Beaverton, Portland, or Hillsboro business looking to polish up your web presence, here are some basics.   Barnacle marketing essentially functions like it sounds: as a smaller business or webpage, you attach (like a barnacle) to larger, top-ranked pages that appear when you type in major keywords relevant to your own business. This involves offering content of your own for hosting on these larger sites. For example, you could offer a photo of your baked goods to a large recipe site in exchange for a link back to your own site, or perhaps provide content to Wikipedia. Link sharing is also a great way to produce results. The point of barnacle marketing is to get your website to appear with those major keywords that as a small business, you’d otherwise think you’d never be able to get results with.   White Hat and Black Hat SEO are two sides of the same coin. White Hat SEO is more aboveboard, while Black Hat is a...

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Div Dives into the Web #5

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015

As web developers, we spend a lot of time online, and wanted to share some of the neat things we find each week. Enjoy!   Steam Summer Sale 2015 We’re all huge fans of game retailer Steam, and as usual, Steam delivers with one of their famous Summer Sales. Today is day one, and so far there aren’t tons of astonishing deals, but there is a pretty interesting-looking Monster Summer Game—which won’t actually load yet but, we’ll see.   7 Pillars of Minimalist Web Design There are so many types of web design, and minimalist is one we haven’t explored much on this blog. This link is a great primer to minimalist design, and gives some neat examples.   Here’s The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016 The Oculus Rift is coming! Yes, this is a very game-centric link roundup and well, we kind of apologize for that but kind of not. In 2016, we’ll be treated to the final, consumer-friendly version of virtual reality, and then we can all finally stop pretending that we love going outside.   MoMA Is Archiving Its Exhibition Websites Before They Expire This is really neat, and a type of museum archiving you don’t generally think of—MoMA archiving their websites gives credence to...

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