The Varied World of SEO Marketing

SEO can be a convoluted thing, and it takes more than just trial and error to create a successful SEO campaign. In this blog, we’re going to talk about a few of the good (and bad) types of SEO campaigns, so if you’re a local Beaverton, Portland, or Hillsboro business looking to polish up your web presence, here are some basics.


Barnacle marketing essentially functions like it sounds: as a smaller business or webpage, you attach (like a barnacle) to larger, top-ranked pages that appear when you type in major keywords relevant to your own business. This involves offering content of your own for hosting on these larger sites. For example, you could offer a photo of your baked goods to a large recipe site in exchange for a link back to your own site, or perhaps provide content to Wikipedia. Link sharing is also a great way to produce results. The point of barnacle marketing is to get your website to appear with those major keywords that as a small business, you’d otherwise think you’d never be able to get results with.


White Hat and Black Hat SEO are two sides of the same coin. White Hat SEO is more aboveboard, while Black Hat is a little more ethically iffy. White Hat uses techniques that don’t go against large search engine guidelines. Original content, HTML optimization, and organic ranking are a few of the ways to stay on the good side of things and not provoke the ire of the Search Engine Powers That Be. Div Creative always uses White Hat SEO because taking shortcuts is not an option for us. Black Hat, on the other hand, tries to find loopholes and weaknesses in search engine algorithms to essentially cheat its way to the top. This is a big reason why there is so much spam on the internet, and in the end, these techniques are not long-lasting, particularly when Google and other search engines are always strengthening their algorithms.


On Page and Off Page optimization is another two-sided version of SEO, although these don’t have a “bad” and “good” side to them. On Page consists of changes you make to the website that end up having visible results to the viewer, such as removing dead links, adding tags and content, and improving existing content. Off Page consists of directory submission (making sure your site comes up on various search engines and directories), creating and listing ads and other marketing material, and more. These are the types of things you may not consciously realize send you to certain websites, but in fact, they do.


These are the basics of SEO marketing. Although as a client you may not have to consciously participate in SEO, it’s never a bad thing to have a general knowledge of how your site and its rankings work. If you’d like to have an in-depth conversation about marketing techniques, contact us and we’ll make it happen!



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